How Passing A Drug Test Increased My Salary

As a part of the hiring process, several companies carry out routine drug tests wherein they check for the presence of prohibited drugs. Though it is not mandatory companies in the safety, aviation, medical field and defense industries constantly do a random check of their employees.

Usually, the employers check the urine sample; in some cases, they may require samples of hair, blood, and even sweat.

While occasional users often pass these tests with a few days of abstinence and adopting a healthy exercise and diet regime, habitual users always struggle to clear these tests.

There are several techniques to pass a drug test that you can choose from to get rid of all the substance residues and come clean in the test. The road is rocky for a habitual user but not impossible to traverse.

It is important for those on the job market to pass the drug test as this will provide them more job opportunities and better salaries. It is important that you do not take any shortcuts to pass the test because should you be caught faking a test your hopes of a bright future will come crashing down.

When I underwent drug detox, which was no way easy, I just hoped to get my life on track but I soon realized that my overall productivity improved and so did my mental agility and focus. I was able to learn new skills and progress in my job. This not only got me recognition but also a hefty rise in my pay packet.

Drug detox techniques work differently for different people based on their metabolism, overall health condition, hydration levels and previous history of drugs. Select methods most suitable for your condition and motivate yourself to stay on track for it pays to be drug-free!