How To Get The Best Employment Exemption Guidance?

A employer and employee relationship as sacred as any other relationship. Both must respect each other as both their successes depend on each other. However, in order to prevent the employers from taking advantage of the employee, there are laws in practice.

Employment Exemption

Employees are protected by FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). This ensures the employees get what is rightfully die to them, for all the extra time and effort they put into their work. It also specifies the minimum age for employment and minimum wages. This ensures no child labor is encouraged and a basic pay scale is met when a person is employed.

However, if the employee in question is a white collar worker, meaning an executive, administrative professional, computer employee or a professional like a doctor or a lawyer, they are exempted from this Law.

Get The Best Guidance

If you are concerned about your overtime pay and are not sure if you make the cut or are exempted, you need to consult an employment guidance lawyer. He can let you know about the various Laws in practice and help you understand your rights. Though all details of these Laws are available online or at the designated government offices, it may be difficult for a lay man to man proper sense out of it.

When you are a sales executive, it is easy to get carried away with the work hours and targets. This profession is one place where employees are worked overtime. When you are part of the company and are inside sales executive, you will be eligible for the overtime pay and other benefits that are in place for employees.

However, if you are an outside sales person, you may not qualify for these benefits. Are you an individual sales person who need not report to office on a daily basis or clock in a specified number of hours a week? This is what qualifies as an outside salesperson. You will also have different work places as you do not have a specific desk assigned to you and you need to ensure you meet your targets as you won’t have a manager to report to, on a daily basis.

Understand your role properly and seek proper professional guidance to ensure you are not exploited.