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How I was Able To Afford A Gucci Handbag

I’m not a shopaholic whose story got incorporated in a magazine as a column on finances. I’m a regular working woman who takes home $25,000 a year. It’s not the best pay, but, it pays my rents and my bills and I’m somehow able to manage a credit card.

Managing my finances wasn’t always easy. It has been a tough journey. When I began working, busing tables at a local restaurant, minimum wage was the goal. Underpaid, and living with my parents, all of my earnings went into indulging my love for handbags. Early on, it was the nice looking but unlabeled bag. But as time went on, I wanted better things, so, I ended up overspending. Things got to a point where my accounts were overdrawn, my debt had piled up and I needed a bailout.

Managing Money

It was around this time that my parents had an intervention and told me off. They insisted on using the money they put aside for me to help me clear my debt. It was a huge wake-up call. I realized that rather than enjoying a small inheritance, my carelessness had taken away a nest egg I could have used for something important.

After I got out of debt, I became more proactive in searching for a job. Once I got what I was looking for, I moved out of my parents’ home, leased an apartment with 2 other friends. Things have been good, except for one thing – I still love handbags!

My option was to get back in debt just to buy that delicious new Gucci purse, but, that would mean another round of repayments and whatnot. So, I found this awesome resource online which gets me Gucci purses for a steal, you can also buy Gucci purses for your girlfriend from here.

Now, I indulge myself whenever I am able to and I don’t break the bank or my credit score!