Top 4 Political Factors That Affect Development Of a Country

Politics can significantly affect the development of a country. It affects the life of people, business, investments, etc. Here we look at the four major factors that have a huge impact on the development.

Poor management

The government has to do many things to encourage development. They should develop and maintain infrastructure and they should invest in the right projects. If the government fails to manage the infrastructure then development will be impossible. The government must set up laws and practices so that it encourages investments.


If corruption is widespread in a country then it will hinder its development. Crooked policemen, customs officials, and others are usually involved in corruption and their unethical act negatively affects the development of a country.

Trade laws

Trade laws like tariffs can affect development. The developing countries have to face higher tariff barriers to enter a rich country. So, there will be less import if the tariff is raised.

Political instability

Political instability is a reason a country cannot develop. Countries that have long-term conflicts find it difficult to attract investors. Local business and people’s daily life are also affected. A country with constant political instability cannot develop.

The developing countries need to look at these factors and try to take steps so that they can develop. They should attract investors and encourage local firms to import. This way a country can develop steadily. A good government is necessary who can drive the country forward.