4 Ways To Get The Best Deal Before Energy Price Cap In The UK

Energy price cap will be soon introduced in the UK. It will reduce the benefits of those people who shop around to get the best deal. The energy prices have increased recently and people are having a tough time paying their bills. Here are four ways you can get the best deal before the energy price cap is introduced.

Find out if you will be charged for switching

You should stop shopping around for getting a better contract. Know the amount of energy you use at the moment. If you are on a variable tariff then you can switch without paying anything extra. If you ae on a fixed deal or online offers then you may be charged for switching to a different supplier.


If you are on a fixed rate and you know that you will be charged extra for switching, you can negotiate and make a good deal with your current supplier or with some other provider.

Best fixed deals

Fixed tariffs are the cheapest deals right now. Some fixed deals have very high exit fees. You should be careful about that.

Get variable prices

Though fixed rate prices are cheaper compared to variable tariffs, the price difference has decreased. So, you should weigh your options and then decide whether to go for fixed rate price or a variable price.

These are some tips to deal with the proposed energy price cap. These tips will help you to pay lower energy bills every month.