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How To Pass A Drug Test And Save Money

It is important that to be employed you pass the drug test.There are a number of ways that you can try to detox and pass the drug test. This saves you on lots of money as you can do the detoxification at home.

You do not need expensive toxins to detox. It is important that before you start the detox regime at home, you check with your doctor to understand if it is suitable for your health.

Things that you should keep in mind

Before you start the detoxification process, make sure that you do not overburden your body with toxins. You need to make sure that your body stays healthy.

Be gentle with your body and there are ways that you can detox your body without straining it very hard. You also do not need a huge investment or need to face any awkward situation for this.

Include food that helps in detoxification to your diet

It is not recommended to start fad diets but you can add some healthy food that will help to detox your body. This is along with the real diet that you take which is also wholesome.

  • Fruits –Fruits have very high liquid content and it helps the body to wash away the toxins. These are easily digestible and also are full of nutrients. It also helps to detox.

  • Vegetables – The green vegetables give a boost of chlorophyll to your digestive tract and it helps to cleanse your system. There are other vegetables too like broccoli, onion, beet, and cauliflower that help in cleansing the body. It contains sulphur which helps in detoxing the harmful chemicals. The raw vegetables contain digestive enzymes that help in the detox process naturally.

  • Garlic – Garlic is one of the best foods to help you detox and it helps in stimulating the liver. It produces detoxification enzymes that help to filter the toxic residues from the system.

This is A safe way to detox and it also does not cost you a lot of money.

How Passing A Drug Test Increased My Salary

As a part of the hiring process, several companies carry out routine drug tests wherein they check for the presence of prohibited drugs. Though it is not mandatory companies in the safety, aviation, medical field and defense industries constantly do a random check of their employees.

Usually, the employers check the urine sample; in some cases, they may require samples of hair, blood, and even sweat.

While occasional users often pass these tests with a few days of abstinence and adopting a healthy exercise and diet regime, habitual users always struggle to clear these tests.

There are several techniques to pass a drug test that you can choose from to get rid of all the substance residues and come clean in the test. The road is rocky for a habitual user but not impossible to traverse.

It is important for those on the job market to pass the drug test as this will provide them more job opportunities and better salaries. It is important that you do not take any shortcuts to pass the test because should you be caught faking a test your hopes of a bright future will come crashing down.

When I underwent drug detox, which was no way easy, I just hoped to get my life on track but I soon realized that my overall productivity improved and so did my mental agility and focus. I was able to learn new skills and progress in my job. This not only got me recognition but also a hefty rise in my pay packet.

Drug detox techniques work differently for different people based on their metabolism, overall health condition, hydration levels and previous history of drugs. Select methods most suitable for your condition and motivate yourself to stay on track for it pays to be drug-free!


Finance is the most important aspect of everyone’s life. Our complete livelihood depends on this, therefore, managing finance is very important. When it comes to managing finance, everyone makes some common mistakes. These mistakes are avoidable

  • Sending Unnecessarily-Cut Down Monthly Expenses. These amounts may seem like small amounts that you are spending but they will come up to be more than you think. When you calculate this tiny amount spent on maybe a dinner every day or a pack of cigarette every day when you add them and see how much you have spent years on these things it will seem like much more. In fact, it will be almost the amount you are paying on the loan clearance of your house or car. Try to cut back on all these expenses and make visits to restaurants. And cut down on few cigarette packs.
  • Paying Every Month For Things That You Not Using-Before you take a cable connection, broadband, radio channels calculate how much you actually use these. Sometimes just for the sake of luxury, you tend to take all the connections that you don’t even need and keep paying for them. Pay for the things only that you use.
  • Using Credit Cards To Buy Everything-Interest rates when paying the credit card bill are huge. It might seem like you are getting what you want by just the swap but when it comes to repaying credit card bills you will be paying more than you spend.
  • Loans For The Car-Not everyone can give cash to buy new cars, in this case, many people turn up to car loans to buy them. One must understand that not having the cash means you cannot afford it unless you really need a car try to avoid taking unnecessary car loans which you might regret repaying.